Ctra. Bétera, s/n, Godella

46110 - Valencia

+34 96 363 73 54

Horario de atención de 9:00 a 13:00 y de 15:00 a 17:00

About us

EPLA (Escuelas Profesionales Luis Amigó) is a publicly funded private school located in Valencia (Spain). We have 59 years of experience and more than 2400 students each year.

We offer Pre-school, Primary Education, lower and higher Secondary Education and Vocational Education and Training.

Our teaching approach is based on the “Amigonian” pedagogical method of teaching, started by Luis Amigó (the founder of this pedagogical movement), which is characterized by: 

  • Empathy and acceptance of students’ background and current situation
  • Attention to individuality
  • Warm, family atmosphere
  • Encouragement and emotional support
  • Education in human values and focus on students’ personal development
  • Committed dedication of educators and teaching staff
  • Family involvement in students’ education

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